Just another day at work

I settle into my office chair, the hydraulics sighing happily as the seat adjusts to my familiar frame. My fingers swiftly strike the keyboard, the patterns of usernames and passwords taking over my movements without conscious effort.

The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed, the light clatter of keystrokes falling like rain on windows during a gentle spring shower.

My monitors flutter and awaken, bathing me in a crisp electronic glow. Emails and browser on two of them, the other two filled with a grid of windows, black backgrounds and white, slowly scrolling text.

The coffee from the break room fills me with a soothing warmth as I read the data pouring across the screens. The system has so much to tell me since we were last together, information coming in quick bursts, jumping excitedly from subject to subject.

I have come to work, and work is happy to see me.

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