Cum 'n Sense

“Look crew, we’ve come this far and I think it’s time that I say a few things before we finish this last scene.

When we began filming ‘Cum ’n Sense’, a lot of people thought we couldn’t do it. People said to me ‘Oh Glenn, you’ll never succeed in an industry run by the socialist liberal elites’. I have it on good information, and I wish I could reveal my sources, that the Obama administration had set up a new federal agency to shut this project down.

You see, the ivy league elites in this country don’t want to see George Washington making love to his wife. It infuriates them to watch real patriots like Sam Adams and John Hancock have a three-way with Betsy Ross. You know, there was another time when adult film was labeled as illegal by the government, shut down by the powers that be. Do you know when that was? Try Nazi Germany!

That’s the reason we can’t let them win. That’s what they’re afraid of. And Jillian, that’s why here, dressed as Thomas Paine, I need to take a dump on your chest…"

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