They stopped to use the restrooms then headed down the escalators to baggage claim. Flight 6310 was arriving from LAX and the carousel was starting to churn out suitcases. People crowded around, staking their claim. Some making passive agressive eye rolls at others who sauntered up to the carousel in front of them. He and Em walked to a side of the conveyer that was empty. They placed their bags on the moving platform and turned to leave.

“Ok, let’s get to the strip!” She said as they exited the building. She was still smiling when she collapsed in the parking lot, convulsing.

“Shit! Em!” He panicked. He looked around, there were people in the distance but no one close by. Quickly he dragged her into the car. She was still convulsing, not responding to his voice. “Em! Can you hear me!? Come on, Em!”

Her eyes were glazed over. What was happening? Was it the effluvium? He had never seen this before in any test cases. Oh god, he thought. What if its a delayed reaction? His mind raced. He had to call Rick.

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