For the Moment

“I think she’s perfect,” said Natasha, smiling at him proudly.

Eyes sparkling for the first time in years, Cal replied, “Yeah, she might be the one.”

“So what’s stopping you?”

His face clouded over ever so slightly. “Well, you know…”

She did know, though she tried not to think about it. Any day they could find the way back, and if it did appear, they’d have to take it. For years the two had done their best to live in this world that wasn’t their own, and they’d done well for themselves despite not knowing all the rules. She was running a martial arts studio with her unique skill set, and he was teaching at a private school. Both had tried to forget what they used to be, the battles and quests for objects of power. But every once in a while, they’d remember: this might not last. The door could re-open, and they would be obligated to go back to their old lives, take up old responsibilities.

Right now, though, her best friend was in love, and the happiness of the moment was all they had to live for.

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