One Fine Day...

“Do it man!” Aaron chanted. He had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“No way! Have Danny do it, he’s not a chicken!” Eric said, slapping my back.

The guys turned to face me. I broke out into a grin. “Fine, fine.”

They hooted with laughter, connecting fists lightly. This was going to be.. interesting. My boots crunched into the dirt while I walked over to the electric fence.

A loud zip sounded as I yanked my pants down, revealing my Batman boxers. Wolf whistles sounded from behind me and more laughing echoed. Great.. just great.

“C’mon.. Hurry up and take a leak, we’re waiting.” Aaron mumbled. I shot him the finger and proceeded to take my time. Soon a thin stream of yellow shot out, nearly hitting its target. I cringed and aimed until it touched the electric wires.

A loud zap echoed and pain exploded in my crotch, turning numb. It knocked the wind out of me. I fell to the ground, having finished thankfully. Pained groans escaped my lips as they laughed. Sunshine dripped down the electric fence.

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