Wheel Turning 'Round Part 3

Traveling in all directions, she began to realize the filament was not leading her so much as she was leading it. This was her journey, she was in charge of it. She realized the filament was not tethering her, it was her. Not just her, it was everything.

Not bound by the concept of a body or a mind, not bound by the concept of a concept, she was shown- and comprehended- everything. In an instant, or millenia, it was the same moment. The beauty and intricacy was beyond anything she could have imagined. The filament faded away and she was surrounded by white hot light. Then she was eminating light, she was the source of resplendence. All of the things she ever fretted over or was angry about or felt hopeless about slipped away, this was Life Exponential. Here she could thrive. She saw the error of the way of things, but was shown the promise and potential of cohesion and cognizance. Saturated with light she knew what this was, this was primordium of existence. She basked in it.

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