The Eye

The dreams started a week ago. I’ve had one every night since, and I think I’m going mad.
I’m always sitting at my computer in them, not doing anything important. There’s a window behind me, and I can see the dim twilight from it reflected in the monitor. It slowly dims, so slowly that I don’t even notice it until the room is completely dark. I get up to turn on the light, which is when I see it.
The eye.
It’s outside the window, staring at me. Bloodshot, the capillaries pulsing visibly. I try to scream, but my throat won’t open, and I stumble backwards, tripping on something. Looking up from the ground, I can see the window start to open, and the eye begins to squeeze in.
That was where I woke up on the first night.
Every night it’s gotten closer.
When it got within a foot, and I could see the nerves trailing behind it out the window, I’d had enough.
I haven’t slept for 78 hours. I can’t do this any longer… I can’t…. I ca….

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