Shakedown Part II

…the weight of his head was too much so he let it jostle back and forth until it settled in a position pointing straight down.

His body was harnessed to the chair in several places, and since the chair was tied to a post, his weight toppled over the chair as the punch was delivered. It balanced precariously on the front legs forcing his body to lean forward against the rope around his chest. This forced his head to dangle like a pendulum with blood dripping off of his sweaty scalp directly below onto the ground.

A short chuckle pierced the silent warehouse. “Oh? You want a cigarette? Is that all you want? I was under the impression that your desires were satiated with what you have already done. You sick fuck. Somebody give him a goddamn smoke!” He screamed at a man hiding in the blackness beyond the light. “You ,my sad excuse for a friend, have until the last drag off that delicious cigarette to tell me where the bodies are hidden and who else was involved. Is that clear Trimble?”

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