Shakedown Part V

The light from the lamp bounced off every little particle of smoke that sprang forth into the stillness of the room.

He began to speak as he took another long drag “When I killed the first one” he began as he exhaled the smoke through his nose and looked up into the darkness where the boss sat, “I put the body into a car and tied it down to the seat. When it sunk into the marsh I figured it would never be found. I had no idea your guys dumped their bodies in the same place. So I watched from the piers every day until your men came back. To think, the notorious Mad Thane was using the same location as me to discard the bodies left by his people. What a strange world we live in.” The cigarette was halfway burnt down and he could hear a couple guns being loaded behind him. “I was ready to leave well enough alone. I mean, you do kill people for a living. Then your men executed a man one night and threw his body in the marsh. That man was my brother. Funny thing is, you had no idea what we were up to.”

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