Shakedown Part VI

Who was I kidding? Everyone knew what was going on in the town in those days.

“I found out you killed him cuz he reneged on a deal he made with your boys down south. And you needed to keep him quiet." Trimble glanced down at the floor with a pensive look on his face. He continued "Well, there is nothing quieter than a dead man.”

The boss leaned forward. The lengthwise crease of his fedora emerged into the light and the tip of his nose was no longer hidden. As the man began to speak a scarred nostril became noticeable in the dim light glowing from the ground up. The nostril looked as though it had been cut off and then sewn back on to the nose. “I am growing impatient with your story. Your time is running out.” He glanced down at the cigarette between the man’s fingers. “The men you have been killing are irreplaceable. If the police would have figured this all out sooner you would be under the court’s protection where I could not get to you. A clean police department is like a hooker with a conscience.”

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