With the Stars

Damien gazed up at the night sky, then down upon the vessel they had constructed. “Do you think this is going to work, sir?”

The Master paused in his final launch preparations to consider the question. “Every wizard, mage, and acolyte in the University contributed their power to this project, and I personally supervised the charging of the crystals to make sure there were no mistakes in the casting. Frankly, I cannot envision it not working.”

“But, flying above the very shell of the atmosphere?” he said, voicing his misgivings. “What can we possibly hope to find beyond the clouds?”

The Master shrugged off Damien’s doubts impatiently. “You have heard my arguments at length, apprentice. Need I remind you once again the sacred purpose of this University? We seek the acquisition knowledge. What better way than to travel to places no human has seen?”

Damien still felt doubt, but the intoxicating power of curiosity slowly turned it to excitement. In mere moments, he and his Master would be with the stars.

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