The Dig (edited and re-posted for Challenge)

Attempting to unearth her latest find—a pre-historic dragon, much larger than present-day fire breathers—the Doctor felt a twinge in her back. Despite her youth, the excavation was taking its toll on her body. She shaded her eyes against the white glare of the sun and checked on the other members of her team. Everyone was present and accounted for, even the two Halflings, who were often difficult for her to spot in this gray, rocky landscape. Despite the sun, it wasn’t very hot out in this wasteland, but the shadows created by outcroppings and rocks made visibility difficult, so the danger of falling into a deep crevasse was very real.

“Message just come for you over the sat wave, Doctor,” said a gravelly voice.

She turned around to see the glowering, grizzled old warrior walking towards her, armor clanking loudly. His dark expression did not worry her; she knew his only concern was her safety among the rocks. As her bodyguard, he preferred that she stay inside. Of course, she couldn’t very well do that.

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