I can’t remember the last time
I was this awake
the last time
my eyes were so open

there’s still your shadow
it has to be here somewhere
it has to

on the flowers
on the piano
so much dust
it’s hard to remember when there wasn’t any

echoes of the smallest things
like how you would shake your head
how you’d cough
to mask a laugh
or a tear

of silence
of all those awkward silences you hated
all of them at once

some part of it must be left here
maybe I just need to squint a little harder
listen a little closer

like ringing in my ears
I never noticed how loud it was
until it was cut short

it’s surreal
a dream
I’m going mad
I must be
because I can’t make myself understand
my head can’t take it
my innocent head, so young, so trusting

it’s supernatural
how dark the night is
how silent

but I learn to trust the silence
so very slowly

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