It’s been three days
Three days since I’ve even touched food
I could go longer if I tried

Not like anyone will notice
I could dissolve into the air
nobody would figure out till next Thursday

eh, whatever
It’s nothing

ha, if I was a good girl I’d probably be “enough”
But you know what they say,
Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not

My legs are still not long enough
My nose is still not straight enough
Ugh, it’s disgusting
Trying to be good enough
I know I’ll never be
But a girl can dream

I feel my stomach
like a pissed-off housecat
it’s cute
thinking it could sway me

I haven’t looked in a mirror since prom
I haven’t stepped on a scale since I don’t know when
I’m afraid to
I can’t start eating again
I just can’t

Because when I make up excuses
When I pretend I’m not hungry
When I feel my stomach so empty, so empty
That’s when I feel at peace

that’s when
I finally feel

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