My Outlook

My greatest fear is complacency. I know what I have to do and when to do it, but I often times take an extra step just to make sure my task is completed to the best of my ability. This sounds like a good thing, but alot of the times I am looked at as a perfectionist or simply weird. Also, I have what I like to call itchy feet.

Every time I start to feel happy or content, I get the urge to move on or change something. I hate staying in one place for more than a couple months but I’ve been “trapped” at my house for a little while by college debt. I always have to be occupied with something and I can not put this something down until I am exhausted.

I don’t have the life plan of many people. I want to buy a motorcycle and travel the world, I don’t ever want to retire in one place. I hate the feeling/idea of standing still and being content. So I guess my outlook on life is to eventually sell everything and become a tramp and live off the grid.

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