Unexpected Company

The ghostly, gravelly voice drifts into the room like a puff of smoke. Alice continues to lie on the floor and sob softly into her knees, small spasms of madness and revulsion wracking her thin frame.
Come now, Alice. Is that how you would greet an old friend?” Asked a floating pair of lime-green eyes mockingly.
“No. Your’re not real. You can’t be. Childhood fantasy, that’s all. Perfecly understandable with my current condition.” Alice chatters, trying to convince herself as much as the floating eyes.

There is a laugh from the pair of eyes, and a jovially sinister smile joins them in reality. A cat, sleek and dark purple, materializes floating inches above the grimy floor.
You really should clean up the place a bit more if you expect company, my dear. It’s not proper.”it says with a slight air of disdain,“However, in light of current circumstances I’ll graciously overlook this slight. No apology necessary” Cheshire finishes with an air of self importance and slighted dignity.

Alice continues to sob.

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