Fish Tank

-“Woah, what are these things? Hello!
They’re red and green. Orange and Yellow”
-“They’re called fish don’t you know.
They swim above, while we are below.”
-“Fish, I hear you say, what are the for?”
-“They’re the reason we’re here, and sit on the floor.”
-“We’re here for them? Then who’s here for us?”
-“No-one I’m afraid, if you’re metal you’ll rust!”
-“But then what’s the point? I’m so new I don’t know.”
-“We add the ambience, now are you friend or are you foe?”
-“Oh I’m friendly for sure, don’t let my stature decieve,
these guns are not real, if that’s what you believe.”
-“I thought it prudent to ask, being a castle and all,
but it was part of my design, to have a hole in my wall.”

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