What is 'The Torrenge'?

“-what they do. You will never hear a liberal admit when they’re wrong, because honesty is just anti, anti…well anti-what they believe-“

“That’s what I’m saying, and to hear these people whine-“


Sweating, dark. Hazy picture, digital image says five-fifteen. Too early, I’ve still got time. Meet with her soon…

“I’m glad you brought that up, Susan, because this new health care proposal is nothing more than socialism in its newest disguise. Folks, this country wasn’t founded on the idea that anyone can have whatever they want from the government just because they get a cold! I mean it is like we have a Marxist revolution-“


Still dark out. Where am I? My apartment looks like. Five thirty, too early for this kind of stomach pain. I wonder if I don’t have something to do…think Winter. This is no time to go useless. The meeting! She said what, seven…seven thirty? No seven. Plenty of time…

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