Chrysanthe, Act V Scene 5

KLE: Speak, villain, and thus lay bare thy crimes.
For that which thou hast wrought in darkness
Shall, before this multitude, be now illum’d
And to thy condemnation. What say’st thou,
Thou devil in the shape of man?

HYA: A devil?
Aye, ‘tis meet that you should name me thus
For such a monster hath encompassed me:
My kinsman, spurred by malice and by woe,
Did thus apply his poison in my ear
And with the serpent’s tongue enwrapped
My too-weak mind with deceit most foul
That I, poor wretched fool, did suspect
My sweet Chrysanthe of falsness. Alas!
Would that the poison which did take her life
Had in my goblet ta’en me in her place!
But since that Jove ignored our plight
It falls to us to set it right!

He stabs himself and dies

KLE: Thus in flowered gardens weeds can grow
Condemning us to a life of woe.
Go forth and begin our sad displays.
Lament we lived to see these blackest days.
And mourn above all that fairest flower,
Chrysanthe, our sweetest bloom gone sour.


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