Doctor's Orders

Alice peeks out from behind her knees briefly, and shudders at the sight of a large, floating purple cat that has materialized in her room. It’s lime green eyes are strangely piercing as they stare back from the cat’s smiling face. Alice sighs resignedly, and struggles to sit up in the corner as far away from the cat as possible.
“Dr. Clarke told me I should ignore you and not speak to you.” she begins hesitantly.
Well now, it would seem my dear that you have already disobeyed doctor’s orders, and I do not think things could get any worse for you.
Just my professional opinion.” the cat finishes with a mad smile.

Alice looks at him in barely hidden disgust, clearly still unsure if the floating cat is real.
“Why now then, if you are real?” she ask angrily,“Why after all these years? Why have you returned?”
The cat chuckles softly and begins to fade from sight,“Because, Alice. Wonderland needs you.

And you need Wonderland.
Mocking laughter fills the air as the purple cat fades from reality.

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