Psychic Assault: Consequences

Morgan floated within the bleeding corridors of her mind, mental anesthesia keeping her from dissolving into a creature made of pain.

Are you there beloved? Rumor whispered.

She struggled to whisper back, her mindvoice broken and distant, I did something…bad.

His relief spread like a balm through her and she was vaguely aware of her body being cradled. No, you did what needed be done. Don’t ever doubt that. Besides beloved, Shelly knows how to deal with a secondary Break.

Memory struggled into focus…Shelly…large green eyes, beautiful in a body otherwise ruined by the demands of a mind unbelievably powerful. Trapped in a chair run by her own gifts, she shielded Sanctuary and trained those newly Broken. Yes…Shelly will know… the newly Broken… …Derrick! Fresh waves of pain battered her as she tried to reach out.

Morgan, be still, a familiar voice swept through her mind, leaving a fresh layer of anesthetic in its wake, Derrick will be well, and in time, so will you.

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