A Gift of Forever

The angel appeared in glory, brilliant white wings spread wide and dripping sunshine. Its beauty was so sharp, so perfect, I could not breathe, could not think except a small corner of me that wondered, why?

I trembled as it came closer, small mews of fear escaping through quavering lips. I was so small, so dirty next to this living flame, what could it possibly want? The angel frowned, and if I had not been frozen in terror, I would have hid from its searing displeasure.

It tilted its head and brought its wings in close to its body, dimming the radiance that had me blinded. Daughter of ….., why do you weep? The name of God rolled through the caverns of my mind, a deep and incandescent thunder, threatening what little consciousness I had left. If I could have drawn breath, I would have screamed.

The angel spoke more softly, as if it understood its effect on me, Do not fear, little Daughter, I come bearing gifts. It knelt and said, Be free, then it pressed an apple into my trembling hands.

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