This Line of Work

There’s only 2 kinds of people in this world, winners and losers, and its the choices we make that make us who we are. In my line of work, there was a very fine line between the winner and the loser; detectives don’t have very much leeway, you see.

I was about to crack this case, this entire “game” was about to enter it’s final phase. Hours of detective work, over 25 suspects, and 100’s of questions later, it all came down to this. I glance over my dossier one last time and sigh confusedly. There still was no clear answer.

I had gotten varying descriptions of the perp, and none of them seemed to fit together at all. Across from me, sat the primary witness and I had already grilled her for information.


It was there all of a sudden, the pattern of descriptions and witnesses burned into my synapses like a sudden starburst. I smile confidently.

“Does he have glasses?” I ask slyly.

“Yes.” Comes the exhasperated reply and crossed arms.

“It must be George then!” I say as I cross my hands in victory.

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