It’s been so long
Since he felt like he was whole.
Too many moments are lost
In floods of emotion he can’t control.
Instead of what he wants,
It became what he needs

You were his focus,
Helping him make sense
Of what his life could be.
You gave him a future he could see,
One you would be part of.

But you were both too young
To make each other feel loved,
So you walked away.
There was nothing he could say
To make you stay.

Now you’re both older,
You’ve both been hurt
But you also learned
How to treat someone right.
Every time he looks into your eyes
It brings back that future,
That promise to be together.
He always asks the same thing,
To just have another chance.
And you always take the same stance.

Just look him in the eyes,
And see how much he needs you.
Everything he says is true,
You’re all he wants.
You’re all he needs.

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