Thoughts Before Bed

Cal’s house was completely dark when he finally reached it. His feet ached. His head throbbed. He let himself in the back door of the garage, which was never locked, and went straight to his room.

It felt good to take off his shoes and lie back on the bed. His body relaxed. He thought about all the promises he’d made to be close to her, to be there for her, hoping the day would come when she fell in love with him. What was her future going to be? Would JoAnn terminate the pregnancy?

Was she really carrying a demon child? JoAnn hadn’t kept the paternity of the child a secret from him, but he’d promised never to tell. He didn’t think it would come out a demon. The father was a jerk, but not Satan. The witch really wasn’t that scary in hindsight. Her prophecy could have been an elaborate act, something she’d done a million times before to other confused teens.

He heard his mother’s keys in the front door. It must be very late. He’d never heard her come home from work before. He was suddenly very sleepy.

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