I cut a chunk of flesh out of
My arm the other day.
It hurt a little, bled a lot
Then softly crept away

Into a weeping, empty pit
Of nothing but despair -
A sacred jewel of pearly pink,
An eye alone to stare.

I thought that I would check how sharp
My scissors really are,
Just rest them slowly on my skin -
It won’t go very far.

I sterilised the scissor blades
Above a candle flame.
I guess that lilac, lily love
Can’t help you in this game.

It’s only blood. And blood on blood.
And blood on god-damned blood.
When all the light of winter’s gone
The snow will leave for mud.

All the frost and memories of the
Past year will depart,
And I’ll be left here breaking with
A slowly breaking heart.

I never thought that it would be
My fate to die alone.
I guess that’s life – a chunk of flesh
And a long-lost-never-known.

So I’m left here in the darkness
With scissors and with pain.
Somehow I never thought that I’d
Be lost to blood again.

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