He Sees All.

Sunday was always busy. We sat in our usual seats at the table, did a prayer, and scarfed down food. After plates were licked clean we sped to church and sat in our usual row with our usual people. The pastor went on with his usual sermon about God’s plan.
I needed to break the mold. I needed to tell my parents.
We headed home after we said a final prayer.
We were almost home as I opened my mouth to say what I desperately needed to until I saw out of my window that the gangly boy whom I loved was outside my doorstep. He was waiting.
“Hey Jeremy, your friend is here.”
I opened the door and approached him furiously. “What the hell are you doing here? I told you to come afterwards, not meet me at my house!”
“I couldn’t wait! I want them to know about us!”
“Jeremy?” My mother looked concerned, “Everything okay?”
My boyfriend nudged me, I hated for it to happen like this but it had to come out sooner or later. “Depends on how you take this. I need to confess to you that…this is my boyfriend. Mom, Dad? I’m gay.”

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