Into the Deep End

For a second, I didn’t understand.
“Harold.. There’s nothing there. It’s just a wall..” I muttered. He must be insane, I thought, slowly moving away from Harold, a man I had once known and respected. Now, I wasn’t sure about him at all.
“Stop!” he grunted, startling me," If it’s a wall, touch it."
Clearly something had snapped in Harold’s head. I decided I would humor him, just to make sure he didn’t get angry.
Anger and Insanity don’t mix well.
I walked up to the dark brick wall, knowing that nothing was going to happen. Harold stared at me, his big eyes glinting in the dimly lit room. I reached out my arm, spread my fingers out and prepared to touch the wall. But, when my fingers should have touched the wall, they, instead, touched nothing. As my arm swung forward into the dark brick I could feel myself losing my balance.
“H-help!” I stuttered, reaching out to Harold, who stood with a slight maniacal grin on his face. But, no help was offered.
And with that I fell, tumbling into The Deep End

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