As my mind bleeds with sadness, my lips show a smile, yet on the inside I am rotting. If you look deep enough into my eyes, you will see the sorrow and brokenness that hides within them, for they show even the deepest buried pain; they are transparent.

Eventhough I have much to be joyful about, this thought of being alone and unloved for an eternity buries any happiness that may try to enter my heart. What shall I do? I do not wish to simply sit the days away fakely smiling and then weeping every last bit of tears that I have to cry like a pathetic waste of life; why cry when there is no one there to care that I am. I wish to have someone hold me as if they really did care. Perhaps all I have ever wanted is love, to be loved, for I have always been lying crouched in the darkness with no one beside me, and I’ve never felt the embrace of one that loves me, truly loves me. I have always been trapped in solitude I suppose; inevitably I will die alone in my thick, cold sorrow.
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