Stolen Love

When I’m feeling dark and alone, I simply think of her and all the pain becomes instantly numb; the great pain that has swallowed me whole because of her new hate towards me only stays dormant for a short while, for I love her more than the poisoned blood that keeps me alive, but my love is not returned when I give it to her; it is only stolen.
As I realize that the love I have given will never be returned or accepted, I come to the conclusion that the most sorrowful thing in the entire universe is to love someone more than your own breath and know that they will never feel the same.
Everytime I see her, think about her, or simply see the letters of her name, I get this feeling of thick sorrow, bitter sweet happiness, and then a quick rememberance of all our time together. This will continue to happen until the day that I perish, for I have fallen into the deepest love with someone does not and will not ever love me back; inevitably my love for her will eat me from the inside out.

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