Prologue: Part II

I glanced at its eyes briefly in between a few looks at its torso where archaic lungs strained to keep the organism alive. The eyes were two large silver spheres stuck to its big head frantically darting around, searching for a body of water to plunge into. The eyes were like stainless steel saucers immovable on the surface of the fish’s pate. Walking up to it I wondered how much suffering it had endured since it had thrown itself upon the boat.

Then, all of that wonder ceased to exist. Shock rushed up through my body from the tips of my toes to the edge of my scalp. Distress and fear stormed my emotions as the impossible happened.

As I stared deep into the blank orbs that were this flounder’s windows to the world I heard the whisper of a soothing voice.

“Gather me into your arms my friend, for we have a long arduous journey ahead of us.”

The voice did not come from the mouth of the fish. This quiet docile voice resounded inside my own head.

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