Solitary Man

As Tom and his son, Johnny, walked purposefuly down the street, they were struck by the odd site of a solitary man walking into town. Johnny stared wide eyed at the forlorn stranger as his father put a hand on his head and hearded him into their nearby house. Johnny ran up the stairs quickly and looked back out at the man below, who had by now reached the saloon. As his father came in to shoo him away from the window, the man paused outside the saloon hesitantly. The stranger glanced around quickly before putting his back against the saloon wall and closing his eyes.
“Daddy? What’s he doin?” Johnny asked, puzzled.
Tom watched the man turn and walk through the swinging doors quickly without opening his eyes. The stranger disappeared.
“He was closing his eyes so they would adjust quicker to the dark room.” Tom finally answered,“You stay away from that one, Johnny, ya hear?”

Johnny mumbled an affirmative but kept his eyes on the foreboding saloon, wondering what was going on inside the dilapidated building.

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