The Girl and the Sea

As the beautiful girl with the deep entrancing green eyes stared at the sea, she wondered if the vast ocean was evil and powerful or innnocent and magnificent. Then, she thought that perhaps this vast space of water was both; it would engulf anything that dared venture too far, but it would glisten for those who gazed upon its perilous waters.
While she stood gazing at the vast ocean, the mighty roar of the wave slamming against the shore pounded in her ears, and the sweet and salty aroma surrounded and entered her nostrils; she could stare into the icy depths of the ocean for an eternity.
As she stood nearer to the ocean than ever before, she thought that maybe she should enter these ever so powerful and captivating waters, for all she does is sit and stare alone everyday. If she entered these waters, she believed that they would swallow her whole and give her some meaning, so she ventured deeper and deeper into the death cold waters and felt whole…until her heart froze and stopped beating.

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