Love from Afar

When the time comes that I will finally get to lay my eyes upon him, it’s inevitable that my eyes will be brighter than ever before and the largest smile will sprout upon my lips, for I love him more that my own breath, and no one has ever made me feel such pure love and joy. Even though he exists in a place far from mine, I have fallen into the most captivating love with him; I have given my ugly, broken, and deeply scarred heart to him simply because of the intelligant and true words that he says to me.
My mind is suffocated by my heavy desire for him to feel the same way, yet I don’t believe that he understands the undying love that I have for him. This love that I have for him is not infatuation or obsession for his body, for I have never danced my pale, fragile fingers across his skin, nor have I softly rested my lips upon his. He has enamoured me simply with the words that have escaped his mind; I will perish a prisoner of my love for him.

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