Mitch thought he knew something about every person in town. He also thought he could charm or blackmail his way into whatever he wanted. He never thought someone would blackmail him.

“I know you cheated on Leslie with that farm b*%& and knocked her up.” The note read. “I’ll do you a favor and keep it quiet if you’ll do me one back. Meet me behind Mark’s Pub at 4 o’clock today.”

Sweat beaded down Mitch’s back as he casually rounded the corner to the back alley behind Mark’s. It was empty. He looked behind the dumpster to make sure. When he turned around a lone figure stood in the alley. He jumped. He hadn’t heard anyone approach.

“What do you want?” Mitch tried to sound authoritative.

“I need a partner tonight in 5 card stud. I’m supposed to bring fresh blood to the table. Yours is mighty rich.”


“Meet me here tomorrow night a 8. You’re late, I tell.” The blackmailer turned and left. Mitch went around the building the other way, to avoid him. His head whirled in confusion. Partner for poker?

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