Dry Gin and Red Roses: Courting Danger

She tossed back the remnants of the gin and tonic and grimaced. Gin was just too damned dry. She preferred something a little more… fun. Pausing to fan herself, she gathered up the flowers and headed up to her room, leaving her shoulder wrap and the check behind. The bar obviously knew who she was. Hopefully anybody watching would think that she had been overcome with excitment. After all, she was being courted by the most powerful man in the city.

A small card discreetly peeked out from between the rose’s thorns. She carefully slipped it free and read the flowing gold script.

I would be honored if you would join me for dinner tonight. 7pm. -RS

Jacqueline mused. Ricardo Salazar. Drug lord. Warlord. Hero of scumbags and criminals from Sonora to the Gulf of Mexico. Employer of predatory pimps and hopeless prostitutes. No wife but four known mistresses. Killing him would paralyze his empire for a short time. This was her opening.

It was 5:41 pm.

She had just enough time to shower and ready her weapons.

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