Love Needs Honor

The world on other side of the grate was upside down. She had to invert herself to stand. Her armor shone in the bright sun, her faithful steed snorted a welcome. Rolling green hills dotted with flowers, shade trees, warm breezes, and white stone castles filled this landscape, a princess’s dream.

Galloping toward the King’s palace, her standard of silver and purple unfurled causing the picnicking couples to stand from their romantic dates and point. Women clung to men for protection as Honor rode past.

At the castle gates, red clad calvary spanned the road flank to flank. Honor lowered her visor and kicked her steed to a run. Leaping high, her mount flew over the soldier’s heads and landed on the drawbridge, clattering inside. She slowed and trotted right into throne room.

“What is the meaning of this?!” demanded the pompous King.

“I have come to clear my name. Hear me out.”

“I have no choice, for I am blind. Guards, stand down. Speak, fair knight.”

She proceeded to remind the King of signs he’d missed.

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