Iniside the Dark...

When the moon rises and a black shadow is cast called night, my head ducks, and my body quivers; I am terrified. I’m not petrified by the dark itslef but what is silently waiting in the dark. The evil cowards use this black blanket as their cover, so they may come from behind and take what isn’t their’s.
As the night growns darker, the horrible creatures of the world become more and more excited, for they know the darker it is the more blood they can splatter. While they run wild in the dark, I lay sleepily in my bed hoping they won’t come for me; they can hear my heart pounding and smell the fear in my sweat. As the night drags on, I continue to wait until the glistening, bright sun floats above the horizon again and saves me from the nightmare that is the dark.

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