Sadly...I'm Living

I’ve died so many times; the pain of losing his crystal blue eyes has always been too much for my fragile heart to bare. Why did the Lord smite him before me? My eyes must have bled a million times since he was stolen from me; I continue to bleed for him while sitting in my solitude and waiting for death to yank me by my heels and take me to him.

As I impatiently await my fate, I become more and more lonesome. Hour by hour, breath by breath, I rot a little more inside, yet my physical body continues to flourish; I curse my health and wish to be with him. While I stare at every beautiful and happy being around me, a little thought creeps into my wretched mind, " Everything in the world that was once beautiful is now ugly. Why must everything good mock me with its happiness?" I will never fill joy again, at least not pure, innocent joy, for he was the only being on this planet that could give me this feeling.

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