You will never read this, but somehow that is the point. I will never talk to you again, and if at all possible, I will never see you again either. Despite this fact, it would be impossible for me to not acknowledge the fact that you made me who I am today.

All of my hate has become my drive. All of the insults thrown at me have become the voices I hear in my head when I need motivation. When you told me that I could never hack any sort of physical career, I’m sure your first thought was my intention of enlisting in the Army. The single thought in my head when I crossed the finish line of the PT test as the fastest man in my 200man company was you telling me I would never achieve that feat.

Thank you mother for giving me a lifetime supply of hate and motivation. If you ever lay eyes on me again, I hope what I have become fills you with the same pain that you caused me over the first 17yrs. of my life. I am who am today because of you, and I hope it torments you and keeps you awake at night.

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