Your Frowning Face Showing Through

Your frowning face showing through,
what is it? won’t you tell me?
To see you as you are,
is unbearable as unbearable can be,
what is it, my friend?
What is it that bothers you so deeply?
What causes that frowning face to show through?
I am here, my eyes peeled, my ears open, my arms spread wide, what you tell me stays with me,
I will hold in in my and my heart alone,
not whispering a thing to a soul,
I can’t stand seeing you suffer,
I mean only to help, not to harm,
I will hold you until my warmth closes the door on your tears,
and you can fight on your own.
what is it my friend?
what is it that bothers you so deeply?
It’s okay, my friend. It will all be okay,
What is it that makes your frowning face show through?
Just tell me, my friend, and I’ll help you make it go away.
What is it, my friend?

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