The Madness Continues

And so Sam went to Soccy, and he begged and begged to let him continue to go down tangent alley. He explained that if he, and others, were allowed to do this, everyone might actually be more productive because their creativity would be enhanced and allowed to roam free. Soccy refused—he couldn’t understand how someone could ever be productive in such a manner. Sam left, and came back the next day with 500 other people who had frequently gone down tangent alley. And all together, they told Soccy that they’d bet they could be more productive and creative if they were allowed to go down tangent alley as often as they pleased. Reluctantly, Soccy agreed. But only under the condition that they came back in 3 months to prove to him that they had become more creative and productive than ever before. And if not, he would erase tangent alley from existence forever using his concept-o-ray-gun.

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