For Timofey

Spent my whole life trying to find my missing pieces
Covering up my imperfections
Little did I know, I was looking for
A single missing piece

Don’t you realize that you complete me?
Make me feel as if
I was never broken
Never hurt, never worried
Never scared

Forget all my scars
My cracks, my tears
All the wounds I’ve accumulated over all these years

I want to be your perfection
The sparkle in your eyes
I want to hold you close to me
Underneath a midnight sky

The funny thing about Love
It makes it hard to breathe
And Darling, when you aren’t here
Well, I’m missing a vital part of me

Looking down the road
At the some four hundred miles that separates me from You:
My home

Here’s looking at you, kid
And maybe we’ll see each others reflection
When we look up at the moon

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