And so in the dark you come for me again with possession on your mind and the ever-present need to feast on my happiness. The stronger I get, the more you adapt. I have spent so much time and effort on crafting me. How is it that you can so easily take that away from me? Fill me and encircle me so that I can’t inhale or exhale without your go-ahead. Fuck you. I learned a saying while I was chasing the wind last month:

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy,” and I believe it to be true, because in belief I create truth. I am better, stronger, faster, and I am only ever improving. I am the master of my universe and above reproach by the likes of you.

I will never give you ground again. I am now and forever beyond you. Through the nurturement of my world, through the tending of my mind, I have risen above and you will not pull me under. Never again. For you are Fear: most pathetic of emotions and the ugly bastard brother of Understanding who stands with me now.

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