Scar City

At its root, class, economics is the study of incentives: we put incentives in place to stop people from wrongdoing, like cheating in tests, theft, homicide…

Like going to war, sir?

You wake, soaked and aching. The sky’s a snuffed out mess of pitch. How long have you been out? Four hours- or five?

You try and push the gritty mass from your mouth, then blink, surprised it’s your tongue.

The door rushes up to meet you as you stagger upright. Easy now, Gales. Nice and slow.

One leg in front of the other, down the street. Past the torn open body bags.

The ravens ravage what they find.

Can’t turn back now, boyo. You need a drink.

There – the next block. A fog’s swallowing up the city, but there’s a glow in that window, isn’t there? Someone else is here. Someone with water.

You reach for your belt as the street swings, like the Viking ride at the old autumn fair.


Sir? What happens when the incentives end?

Well, my dear boy- always remember- ultimately, it’s our choices that make us.

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