Hopelessly Sane

As I try to comprehend these strange, violent thoughts and emotions that are swarming through my dark mind, I use the lot of my strength in order to attempt to obtain my sanity, but everything around me gnaws at any obscure piece of logical thought inside of me. Will I exsist another day with my sanity intact? While I continue to think of these wild images and feelings that rip through my bleeding brain, I simply wonder what I could do to at least relax some what and feel even the smallest amount of bliss; I wish to abandon my burderns for a short while.

Even if my moment of clarity would be only a that and not the ability to keep from going hopelessly sphycotic, I would still be pleased and quite poised. When I truly roll the thought through my head, I believe that it would be easier let insanity take me over, then perhaps I might feel a sense of peace and serenity, for I would no longer be able to understand that I even had troubles to lose myself to…

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