And with that the phone went silent

“Rick! RICK! You BASTARDS!” Jesse franticly screamed yet he knew his bellows were futile. Quickly his anger turned to panic looking over at the now still Em with foam and spittle slowly evading her laxed jaw. He had to find a way to get her help and FAST. He couldn’t risk the hospital and it had become apparent that he couldn’t call on his contacts either.

Jesse pondered feverishly inside the brick oven of a car. Head swirling with unstoppable thoughts… Em, Bag, Chemicals, Betrayal… then an idea hit him “I’m sure I could…” and with that a loud boom shook the car and rattled the windows and predictably screams ensued followed by an portentous plume of smoke from the terminal that began to steal the color of the sky. But this wasn’t supposed to happen. A wave of terror came over Jesse. “What was IN that bag?” he whispered but it was too late to ponder it. This was happening and there was only a small window to escape. He started the car and the phone rang… Headquarters?

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