On Patrol: Kinetics

A mind does funny things when it thinks death is imminent. Bannon couldn’t have left more than an armspan or so of slack, but I still managed to consider my entire life so far (not too exciting), wonder what Firus would say about me (I wasn’t sure), and smile at the fact that they’d be totally mystified when they cracked open my locker.

Then the rope snapped taut, causing me to yelp in surprise – my apron had a lot of painful metal objects in it – and Bannon started pulling me up. I tried to get my breathing under control and hoped I hadn’t said something really awkward during those moments.

A deck hand dragged me back to solid deck and relative safety. Bannon slapped me on the back and grinned reassuringly.
“Not to worry, lad. Firus would have me over the rails if he heard I’d let the Quartermaster fall! Come on, bridge is this way.”
I thought I’d just about gotten away with it when he turned back.
“And I bet I’m not the only one interested in the contents of your locker now!”

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