Utter Silence

Our world is extremely noisy. People are bombarded with auditory interference almost every single moment of their waking lives. The daily assault has become so constant and relentless, that people’s bodies have stopped knowing how to react to utter silence.

To most people, it is a subtle ringing in the ears, never fully realized but never fully absent either. To some, it is a minor disturbance that is rarely heard in the rush of their busy lives. Others, it is a medical condition to be remedied. Few know it’s true purpose.

The ringing is a subconcious defence mechanism that is rarely acknowledged. If someone encounters silence, ringing overtakes quickly. If this someone knows what to look for, they listen beyond the ringing. They might notice the voices before they stop whispering. The more this somebody notices the voices, however, the more the voices notice this somebody. It is a fact that without a body, there can be no voice. As to the origins of the voices, well, that depends on who you listen to.

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