Nanny Annie

1 hour later, the winds died down.

2 hours later, a child with bright red hair and emerald green eyes was born.

3 hours later, the child’s mother was dead.


9 years later …

“Aveline, get down from there! You’ll crease your dress.”

“But I’m talking to this squirrel. He says — "

“Yes, yes, that’s all very well and good but it’s time for church, dear. Come along now.”

Aveline clambered down from her perch on the branch after solemnly bidding the squirrel good-bye. The squirrel chittered once at her, twitched his bushy tail, and squirreled away up the tree.

Aveline was able to get down from the tree with no additional creasing of the dress, although her hair was significantly messier than when Nanny Annie had dressed it that morning. There were leaves and small twigs embedded in her braids and a smudge of dirt on her forehead.

Nanny Annie sighed and placed a hand on her charge’s disheveled head. “Come with me, Aveline.”

They walked into the house only to find Aveline’s father on top of the table.

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